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Established in 2018, Hogget and Boar Ltd is a retail and wholesale butcher shop that serves customers in Stockbridge, Hampshire, and throughout the UK. Specialising in dry-aged, local, and free range meat, we’re sure to have the right products for your needs. What’s more, we also cater for events, including weddings and functions, providing delicious BBQ food like those hog roasts everyone talks about. Get in touch today to discover more about our products and services.

Wooley Park Farm

At Woolley Park Farm, we’ve been rearing high quality, free range poultry for over 40 years. A family run business near the historic town of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, we offer a wide variety of poultry including turkeys, geese, chickens, ducks, guinea fowl and game.

Our ethos of preparing the birds is all based on the tradition of dry-plucking and hanging. As a result our birds have real flavour and texture because they are processed naturally and this preserves and enhances all the locked-in flavour and succulence.

At Woolley Park Farm, welfare is paramount – all the birds live in small flocks so it possible to give them the real care and attention they need to live a happy life and develop lots of flavour from roaming around the farm. In essence, a bird from Woolley Park Farm Poultry could not be further away from the mass production of supermarket poultry.

Broughton Water Buffalo

At Broughton water Buffalo we have been farming with nature to build biodiversity, wildlife habitat and soil health for over 20 years. Seeing our land Thrive and develop this way over the year has given us the encouragement to educate and help other farms.

We produce Grass fed buffalo and Rare Breed beef, no soya, no antibiotics; Healthy, Local and Delicious.


Peregrine porky’s produce rare and traditional breeds of pork and lam to give the best quality of meat going. Slowly Raised on the chalk down land of manor farm Broughton Allows the pigs to get all the goodness they need.

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Our butcher shop stocks fresh produce from farmers in the local area.

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